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Author Guidelines

  • Please one of the following templates for submitting the paper:
  • All the settings for the manuscript is built-in the template file. A simple way is to copy the text and paste with the option 'keep text only' into the template file  (section by section) and then re-name the file.
  • Use Times New Roman 12 point size and 13 point line spacing
  • References should follow the Harvard referencing style, which means that primary references in the text should be in the format (Nugus 1999) and should then be listed at the end of the paper as per the following examples:

Brooks, I. and Weatherston, J. (1997) The Business Environment: Challenges and Changes, Prentice Hall,London.

Doherty, Noel and Delener, Nejdet. (2001) “Chaos Theory: Marketing and Management Implications”, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Fall, Vol 9, No. 4, pp 66–75.

  • Before submitting your paper, please ensure that it has been carefully read for typographical and grammatical errors. If English is not your first language, have your paper proof-read by an English speaking person. Papers will be returned if the standard of English is not considered to be good enough for publication.
  • Figures should fit within the column width of 90 mm (3.54") or within the type area width of 187 mm (7.36").
  • Use the small font (10 points on 11 points) for tables and figures
  • Always use the official SI notations
  • Colour figures are allowed

The deadline for submission of the first draft of the paper is 20/1, 2018. 

Papers should be submitted as word-files via the online submission system


For more information regarding guidelines for technical and scientific papers, kindly click here