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List of accepted abstracts

Automation and Introduction of New Technologies in Blasting Operations (9)
A review of dam foundation excavation techniques in China
Building Accurate and Inexpensive Accelerometer-Based Seismographs
The study on remote monitor management information system of rotary drill
Research and application of information supervision technology in blasting operation field
Use of uniformly distributed non-explosive material in the blast hole to improve blast performance
The research and application of industrial explosive site mixing system based on IOT Technology
Prediction of Run of Mine Particle Size Distribution and Grinding Circuit Performance Using Blast Hole Drilling Data
Lowering Cost of Mining with Wireless Detonators, the latest Initiation Innovation
Blasting technique for optimizing the comprehensive cost of mining and mineral processing
Blast damage (13)
Blast damage studies at the Äspö HRL
Exploring the impact of blast damage on the degree of fragmentation - where a blasting side effect turns into a pitfall for the mining value chain
Evaluation of blast induced damage zone in civic tunnels
Estimation of blast Induced damage of saturated rib-pillars in large diameter blast hole (LDBH) stope
An experimental investigation on fracture patterns near blasthole under different boundary conditions
Estimation of tensile strength of Laurentian granite under high strain rate loading
Blast Induced Overbreak Control in Roadway Tunnels of Himalayan Rocks in India
Comparison of the Potential Effects of Earthquake-Induced Damage and Blast-Induced Damage on Earthfill Dams
Near-Field Energy Distribution in Wall Control Blasting - An Engineering Approach
Assessment and control of backbreak using near-field vibration signatures for superior highwall stability in dragline bench blasting 
Analysis on composition and propagation characteristics of seismic wave induced by horizontal smooth blasting
Evaluation of seismic impact on houses and residents from excavation blasting of a large scale rock slope in China
Overbreak in Underground Excavations - Some Key Insights
Blast design and Drilling Accuracy (5)
Optimizing the Specific Charge for Limestone Blasting at Aruwakkalu Limestone Quarry
Application of an in-house MWD system for quarry blasting
Hole Deviation Monitoring and Control Using an iPhone - Accuracy, validation and potentialities
Determination of stemming length in surface blasting using advanced statistical methods
Role of blasting in achieving value based ore control for underground mines
Blast Vibration Predictions and blasting in built-up areas (11)
Digital Filters for A and C Weighting for Sound Level Data
Response Spectra for Vibration and Shock Loads
Vibration modelling and mechanisms of wall control blasting
Characteristics of Blasting Vibration Induced by Tunnel Rock Excavation Under High In-site Stress
Do different standards for blasting seismographs mean different accuracy?
Study on blast-induced vibration for the short-delay blasting with singe free surface
Blasting Excavation Technologies of a Sandstone Deep Foundation Pit under Complex Urban Environment
Research on crack propagation rule in single hole bench blasting based on rock mesostructure
Dynamic Responses of Adjacent Buildings Induced by Blasting Demolition
Study on the Influence of Long Term Frequent Blasting Vibration on Buildings and Human Body
Development of random forests and Cubist models for predicting blast-induced ground vibrations in hard rock condition
Blasting Methods that Improve Tunnelling and Drifting (3)
Optimal Design Features of Parallel Cut Hole Blasting to Enhance Economy and Progress in Tunnel Excavations
Measurement While Drilling technique in Blasting Damage Calculation
Solution of emulsion explosive misfire in soft rock tunnel blasting
Blasting, Loading, Hauling and Crushing; Systems Approaches and economy (7)
Blasting Vs Secondary Crushing and Additional Grinding - Pro's and Con's
Using the stress model to relate crushing and processing to blasting
Fragmentation Driven Continuous Improvement Process
Productivity improvement in Aggregate Quarry vis-a-vis Fragmentation by Blasting
Improving Downstream Performance Through a High Flexible Energy Explosive
Applied data analytics on blast-induced outcomes using multi-year blasting data from an open pit mine
Effect on cominution properties of blast preconditioned magnetic mortar
Demolition Blasting and Special blasting Techniques (3)
Safe dismantling of unstable boulder using controlled blasting which had threatened the life of several people in historical Gaya Town, India
Blasting demolition of frame-shear structure building in complex urban demolition conditions
Directional Blasting Demolition of a 45m-high Brick Chimney in Complicated Surroundings
Explosive performance: From detonics to rock on the ground (4)
Emulsion characterization with cylinder test and JWL parameters determination
Continuous Wavelet Transforms - A Way to Tease Explosive Performance from Seismograms
The relationship between detonation performance and physical properties of a low density explosive
Calibration and Validation of Reactive Flow Model Parameters for an emulsion explosive
Mass Blasts in surface and underground operations: Problems and Solutions (2)
Estimating critical conditions to avoid failure of electronic detonators by dynamic pressure
Current sublevel caving functionality uncovered - what`s next?
Mechanics of Dynamic Rock Blasting (8)
Filming blast fragmentation of rock and mortar cylinders
Proposed improvements for single blasthole test reporting methodology and observations from a series of tests conducted in underground rock salt mines.
Experimental and numerical investigation on rock fragmentation under combined blastholes with different diameters
Investigation of blasting vibration control of high rock slope with joints
Study on dynamic failure process in rock under blast loading from adjacent blasthole
Numerical simulation of stress distribution of two-borehole blasting in deep metal mine
Rock Fracture and Fragmentation, and Derivation of improved Crushing and Drilling Rate Indices: A Review
Measurement and analysis of strain wave signal in concrete mortar block under explosion loading
New products and development  (2)
Present and future prospect of exploder for underground coal mines of India
The Class 3 Permissible Water Gel Explosive with High-strength and its Tunneling Blasting in Under Ground Coal Mine
Numerical Simulations of Rock Blasting: from detonation to rock on the ground (10)
Modeling VOD Effects on Rock FragmentationWithin Multiple Blasthole Fragmentation (MBF) Model
Blast design for underground long hole stope to safeguard surface Industrial structures from blast induced vibration.
Modelling blast fragmentation of cylinders of mortar and rock
A FEM-SPH Coupled Procedure for the Analysis of Blast induced Damage in Rock
An Engineering Model to Estimate Blast Movement and Resulting Ore Loss and Dilution
Creating and Parallel Processing of 3D Spherical Distinct Element Models for Underground Blasting
Numerical Techniques for  Estimation of Vibration and Frequency in Underground Workings arising out of  Blasting in Adjacent Surface Mines
Comparison between coupled SPH-FEM numerical model of a single hole blast and experimental test
Multi-scale numerical modeling of blast-induced vibrations and dynamic slope stability with applications in large open pits.
Numerical investigation for timing effects on fragmentation based on a coupled FEM-BPM-PBM model
Rock fragmentation: Influence of Delay Time and rock mass (1)
Optimal Delay Periods and Complex Timing Sequences Using Electronic Delay Detonators.
Rock fragmentation: Monitoring; Instrumentation, Techniques and Analysis (17)
The influence of blasthole deviation on fragmentation in laboratory tests
Bezier Curve Fits to Fragmentation Data
Study on the influence of precise delay blasting on rock fragmentation
The fragmentation energy fan applied to blasting and drop weight comminution of rock
Muck-pile size distribution evaluation using co-occurrence matrices textural features of digital images
Using electronic detonators and physical markers to reduce mining dilution
Flattening of hill by blasting in densely populated area for construction of International Airport at Navi Mumbai, India
Pre-split blasting techniques at Dragline benches for stable bench with improved fragmentation level
The complete diagnostic program for underground stope blasting to optimize dilution
Evaluation of UAV System Accuracy for Automated Fragmentation Measurement
AL/AN/FO Optimum Formulation
Pattern Expansion Optimization Model based on fragmentation analysis with Drone Technology
Advances in the development of a novel algorithm for fragmentation analysis based on photogrammetry 3D images
Full-scale blasting tests in the frame of the SLIM project
Measurement and Analysis of Strain Wave Signal in Concrete Mortar Block under Explosion Loading
The Relationship Between Fragmentation Efficiency and the Shape of the Explosive Charge
Investigation of the rock blast fragmentation based on the specific explosive energy and in-situ block size
Sustainable blasting techniques: Reduction of environmental footprints (3)
Making economically viable the exploitation by D&B in a quarry within sensitive, highly populated area
Explosive Energy Distribution in Surface Mine Blasting - A sustainable approach
Implementation of 100% used oil to replace fuel oil on emulsion in efforts to do energy conversation at PT. Kaltim Prima Coal
Well Documented Case Studies (6)
Controlled Blasting Techniques for Underground Excavations near Operational Hydro-Mechanical Equipment - A Case Study of Tehri Hydro Power Project, India
The Development of an Innovative Blasting Technique that Uses a Unit Charge and Stress Reflection Methodology to Design Underground Blasting Patterns with the Objective of Transforming Underground Blasting Operations into Primary Crushing Operations.
Safe mineral exploitation by innovative mining techniques in cap zone area. (A case study of concurrent working at Rampura-Agucha)
Design and implementation improvements for wall control blasting in an anisotropic rock mass at Phu Kham mine
Application of  Power Deck system in wet condition in Goharzamin iron ore mine
Blasting for graded material